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AND GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"I'm sorry i'm such a hug slut with you"

"Seminal fluid...the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract." "This is making me hungry."- Melanie/Emmilou

"Look at THIS show!"- Kyle

"What colour would you call that? SOOT? Some kind of SOOT DOG?"- Justin

"Think of the worst possible person that could be there...and it's not Ronnie." "Ronnie's dad?"- Melanie/Justin

"The wood block is the new cowbell"- Justin/Melanie at the peace march.


"Michael jackson isnt allowed to take advantage of kids.. but oh, NIKE is...fuckers!!All of them!! FUCKERS!"- Julia

"You could call but I don't know if that's like taboo after a certain hour."- Kyle

"Fucking goddamit tell your friends/friend to get her/their (whatever) head/heads out of their/her ass/asses"- Justin


"The general public is ugly as sin, and dumber than my left foot."- Justin
"If you plan on dying anytime soon, don't use limestone."- Mr. Penney, on tombstones.
"Where is the mitochondria located?"- Ms. McNeil
*absolutely serious* "Upper left corner."- Devon Norris
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but Europe IS a country!"- JustEn Ellis
"I have a best friend and his name is Moosehead Dry"- Ace
"I heard you laughing in New Brunswick- Kyle, about us and our weekend activities.
"Hey look, it's Bouncy!"- Larry, about Beyoncé
"You're the best and greatest person I've met....since....Jesus. He was a good guy, that Jesus character."- Julia
"1) Is Satan your boner?
a) yes. b) all of the above"- Who knows?
"Is teresa waddling a penguin?
a)I want to be really fucked but i'm not. that sounded funny in my face
b) Jesse Brand looked like a chipmunk when he gave me his boxers.. mr cummings yas
c) POODLES! and PUNHAB! (you know what i mean)"- Who knows?
"Please dont lick my spleen.... what does a spleen even DOooooo??"

"she asked me if I had heard her... and I laughed
and then she laughedand wrestled me for the backspace.
It was pure golf golf? g-o-l-d"- Julia

"What is he an entrepreneur of???'I LOok like a dillhole industries'?"- Julia, on Reynolds

"Colin is 6 inches closer to the PENIS meaning RECTUM" - who said this? and more importantly...who is COLIN?
"I have 5 words for you...This book is HELLA emo"-Justin, about the little kid book
"I love the penis!"- Josh, in reference to the phallic poster thing downtown.
"S-P-E-E-D-Y P-R-I-N-T! SPEEDY PRINT! SPEEDY PRINT!"-Mel/Justin (something they're proud of)
"Kyle, hit the jug!"
"Axl is a homophobic, racist faggot"- Josh
"Noam Chomsky's great, he talks about PEACE"/"Is the first level of Mario Kart musroom cup?"-Julia/Melanie
"Who AM me?"
"I'm glad I don't have earrings but I'm glad you do I'm playing cello in a band with a drum machine, AGAIN"/"Drum machinneee makes it even so much cooler"-Julia/Mel
"It's one of those hand held games...It looks like a translucent blue dick"- Kyle, on the Christmas present his grandmother gave him.
"SHIT! My vagina's still bleeding! I've gotta plug it with something"- Julia
"Sick of those nose bleeds? Morphine drips getting you down? Is your pipe rusty again? Why SNORT coke when you could DRINK it?"- Block B free at Sir John A.
"Teaching would be good if it weren't for the Department of Education"- Mr. Walsh
"I will try to help as best as i can...who says that? Am I Shirley Temple?"- Kyle
"Most shrimps I know are jumbo, and French, much like him."- Julia
"ShaWING!"/"Who's Shaw? And why are we "ING" him?"-Mel/Julia

"your guys, MY guys....c'mon..buddy, c'mon! the avro aero remains a benchmark for air acheivment"-Julia

"There is something magical about a ploughman"- Julia

"I HATE the movie Jack Frost!"-Melanie "So how Teresa hates talking bears, you hate reincarnated-father talking snowmen? That sounds reasonable"- Julia

"You can use them as book ends!"-Julia "Yeah....because I READ!"-Melanie (about the wooden crows she gave her for Christmas)

"its called freedom of speech idiots and if they cant take being told they are no talent losers than tough because they are playing music and people have opinions and there is a popular one that you blow.  Your songs have okay guitar and generic whiny non good vocals but your lyrics are absolute unequivacal shit.and whats the difference between punk and punk rock?"- josh
"would you like some BRAAAAAN muffins?"- Colleen/Julia
"the text book is like......the BOMB!!"- Mr. Penney
"What IS this? Some sort of BURLESQUE house?"- Kyle McKenna
"*very loudly* MELANIE! Oh my god! Patrick Burke!*swings arms* I can't let him SEE me!!"-Julia
"Perhaps if you stop flailing your arms while yelling his NAME he won't!"-Melanie
"I HATE talking bears"- Teresa
"I've thought very long and hard about this, and I've come to the conclusion that, under the right circumstances I might like her."- Ian
"do you guys have any...*does smoking joint motion*?"- T
"no....we don't DO that anymore, I used to all the time when I was younger..."-the Sheen
"no, no i mean party blowers!"- T
"SHUT UP CARL!"- Melanie
"I saw this guy and he had a tatoo that said MOM AND CARL!!"- Julia or Kira
"You said 'HIM' and it was in reference to MICK? How can you DO that??-Julia
"this one screams 'i'm a serious musician who is being anally raped... right about... now.'"- Julia
"in this one hes pushing the mic away... he cant take the emotional pressure of the music ... and the industry that tortures him"- Julia

"and my plan of action will be... pump fake with the fridge door, spin around the living room and dive into bed and now i go off to execute my plan"- Spencer

"I picked violence because I was listening to Dir en Grey and Kyo the lead singer is a violent little five foot man who likes to spew blood at people and oh yeah, violence caused by video games and media is bull shit."- an essay of Tiffany's

"is your name really melly? it must be short for something...like melanie or malone or mellissa or eugene......"-teresa

"INTERCOURSE i wanna say that world really loud!"- Emmilou

"I make accutane in my bedroom and store it in tupperware containers under the bed"-Melanie
"I make heroin in my bathroom and store my needles in the toothbrush cup"-Emmilou

"I should play this song, it's such a good song to play while going on a killing spree or gleefully doing something destructive"- Tiffany

"Celine Dion is as ugly as SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!!!!"- Melanie's brother holding 8 pieces of bread

"What the hell is a faghag?"- Tiffany

"gross fat people are people too and they have feelings"- Scott Robinson

"It's gonna be good......groin grabbingly good"- Kyle McKenna

"He's a man who thinks he's a vampire and claims to be over 1000 years old. Anyway, do we need a bristol for this?"-Tiffany

"Is that Grampie?"-Michael Horne
"Actually, that's James Dean...."-Melanie

i'm amazed.
i've never seen you bleed from the nose -Colleen

"joe was drunk on scotch, and keith richards"-a book.. on the clash

"...everyone has said "I am the." I am THE fonz" -Spencer

"KAyak is a PALINDROME!"

"so... is.... BUB!"

" I'm sticking to Paris because i'm french AND a pilgrim.
and i think i just started my period."-Melanie on fonts.

""i'm not in greece... why are you poking my NIPPLES??"

hahaha I had a great time at work!   theres lots of mice and MARVIN GAYE "Lets get it on" -teresa


Hey Barry! *holds sholder*

"Collen, you're gonna get carpel tunnel" "oooh.. look! theres a star in the corner of tha room.. E I E I O!! (licks hand)" "you're a dog" Teresa and i?

"THIS is a BIG JUG." -Melanie

"You're a WHO   ORE"-Teresa

"what a bout a moat?" "No, i HAVE a TUGBOAT" -JUlia/Colleen

"colleen is not here... no more."

"no more VOdka for THAT.... man."

"Colleen, do you want some Death?" "DEFINATELY!"-Julia/colleen

"NO... she WAS a baby.... woah... you should getr those weights (picks up empty glass) this must be two.. no.. .THREE pounds!"

"I slept with the blanket that semlls like ass... and i thought it was pretty funny so i just kept smelling it... Mmmmm... ASS." -Teresa

"awwww! deodourant!"

"I think i ripped my pants because i ran into something sharp." -Colleen

"whats up with my pants being open?" "i know! mine were all open too... and its freakin' me out !! " -Julia/colleen

"are those the rocks with presidents heads?" "no teresa... thats a scetch of a chicken... flip it over." Teresa/Julia

"Your head will just be one huge... laugh...ABYSS." -Sarah on wether or not i'll have laugh lines

"Yea i know... i saw one of my socks and i was like woah.. how'd THAT get there."



"AAAHH! Sorry... i had to scare the degus." -Nathaniel

"....*silence*... CATWOMAN!" -Nathaniel

"come drop by and Visit me and my boyfriend. Whos driving? If its your moom.. dont bother dropping b"y -Nathaniel




Eliza went there to get lessons on how to talk english good.

Oh! I finally found out what you and emmilou ment with graham and his mock neck sweaters/
   Hhhhhhaaaaahahaha! Was it his NUDE one??/
Yes, he has a black one, grey, white, burgandy.../
    He buys them in bulk

My sleeping bag smells like rice with soya sauce

Youre looking for stuff on masterbation arent you?/
   No im looking for funny stuff in general... but that will be great when i get there!

Dont my lights look like breasts? They used to be these huge balls..

Psh! Drive my car... Ill drive your car.. rightr off a cliff ill drive your car
   -Erin on Paul McCartneys live tour (SOLO) singing a beatles song

Pauls a slut, its all about Ringo

"somehow......there was peanut butter on my ear........i've been smelling it for an hour and finally found it"

"also, you, me tankage soon"s

"Sarah stop pissing on the floor!""Stop making me WANT to!"-Susan/sarah

"YOu guys are PERVERTS." "You are Asexual!" "in THEory... I am PAN sexual."-sarah/susan/sarah

"This is my impression of Julias Tshirt." " ..... am i on DRUGS??"-Sarah/Susan

"I enjoy this." "thats because you're pissing in the wind."-Julia/sarah

i'm going to make some toast and spread some peanut butter on it! -melanie

"I am the  marenading King"-shean


" hey, i'm not the angel of death.. i'm just a professional wrestler with a big mouth" -chicogo hope


"pudding wand? ...warmest CROTCH EVER." -sarah

"Speaking of crotches.. my mom amde me watch the Vagina monologues."-Melanie


"i'm excited, and you suck... are you free right now?"-andy

"you're excited? feel the nipples! ohhh yea, just like that.... mmmm... ouch! no tweaking!" -andy

"jesus,  andy?... its interchangable"-andy


"you.....are an idiot" -melanie

"maybe you could splice the sperm *Bifffft*" -Joey

"She's obsessed with dildos.... your six inch lovin' is leaking" -Me at subway

"creed makes my bowels ache"- some website

"i'm spinning my nipple now"-julia

"jacob always talks about monkeys....so maybe i'll GIVE IT TO HIM"-melanie

"when i met you, you were top drawer....now, you're TOP GUN!"- mike mosher

"i've had people magazine on my face before....but it's a GLOSSY magazine!"- julia

"i wanted to come visit you and i called and no one was there and then i cried....while watching the punk show.     ...  minus the crying ...and punk show"-melanie



"walking around like cripples.... what? would you prefer me to call them CRIPS?"-ryan

"i'm A MACHINE!" "a make-me-giggle machine!"

"wow! thats alot of snow! its up to my neck... if i were lying down."-Melanie
"how 'bout ROTATE my anus! OooooWwEeeeeeOOooooEEeeeee" -Susan

I could use a shot of that yak urine right about now.
"one usually does dan, it a hard day for sluts"

"that is not a vegetarian ...that is what I call a loser." -Jack

 shean (looking at ryan's crotch between lyrics)"man...your package looks really big right now"

""well not exactly naked... i was toweling" -matt

"i pity the rest of the world!""me too! onkly, tea style"=colleen

"i have a blank cd if you wanna burn it for me

...and i don't mean burn as in insult"-colleen

"i don't think we've had salami in this house in years! maybe i smell the absence of salami it wants to make it's way back into my home. THINK AGAIN SALAMI! THINK AGAIN!"-melanie

""Something smells like..." "not me." "...fruit punch..." "DEFINATELY not me." -jeanlouis/TO/JL/T.O.

""suckclickclickclicklicksuckchunk" "whats the chunk?" "those are the curds."-TO/Julia/Paul

"If i get this e-mail one more time I swear I'll do something really really angry." -Sarah

" you're turning into a REAL ASSHOLE!" "I AM?" "...yea."-sarah/julia/sarah

" I had a similar response .... but to scissors"- worf

"Julia, is your blood turning into a liquid polymer?"

"I got peanut butter in my ear this morning."-Sarah

"and i found Julia and she was like 'i have alot of pineapple juice." -Melanie

"Andy Judy?? now THEREs a Compromise!"-Sarah

"i'm just imagining myself with a peach snatch"

"I cant BELEIVE you're on The PSN! (the patrick stewart network)"  "i cant belive you're in the PEACE group! 'oh no, we cannot kill the BABIES!"

"something smells like cinnamon... in a sexy sort of way... OOH! its my ARMPIT!"

"He wants me to dye his hair... hey can i borrow your slush pants?" -melanie

you said muddled!   that was in my hamlet soliloquy! -teresa

"did you have a seizure?" "no! i WISH!"-julia/ chris robinson

know who doesn't have a unibrow? that'd be ME-melanie

"but look at how big babies are... its like pooping a turtle" -jacob hiltz

"I hate television almost as much as I hate eating peanuts,but I can't stop eating peanuts"

 "I'm doing laundry""LAUNDRY? laundry's for SUCKERS!"" Well shine my shoes! i guess i'm a SUCKER!!" -erin/melanie

"he's got... like beaver tailes up his sleeve." "oh yea.... wait... WHAt??"-Paul/jacob

"..through something called insest which is NOT very cool."-Mr. outhouse

"The reason he used pee pants..*ahem*... PEA plants is..." -Mr. Outhouse

"I dare you to lick it..... NONO you'll get herpes!" -emily

"come on Julia, we have to make a baby" -emily

"your Ootid is gonna be WRINKLED" -Kyle

"Did anyone get a wrinkled child?" -outhouse

"we need to go pee... and fill this cup" -emmilou

"hey, i'm that black guy that sings "-josh

"i'll flap your jack" "I'll jack my flap" -julia/josh


'"denis!! ...POLKA!" -a christmas carol

"you're not looking at it form the right angle" (dad looks at stomach)

"dad has friends.... and both of them are really nice"

I try to use retarded as a positive term... like, "man, the super friends show is going to be retarded"

that way your giving retards a compliment.....I mean really if every retard in the world could feel even half as cool as the superfriends are?.... we'd be one step closer to lennon's vision.'-shean

"what the hell is NOG anway??" "...gon backwards." -julia/ andrew maclean

"..Either that, or youre constipated. Here Scott, have a laxative..."-melanie

its the ean of the Sh-ayness (awn of the shh anus)

"YOU definatly sparkle on my tree "-heather

something comes out of your pants screaming and starts calling you mommy after a few years MIGHT be a clue"-jacob, on how to know when you're pregnant

"I see you're quite the hello kitty fan"- Melanie
"You are an idiot."- Emmilou

"I'm peeing my pants RIGHT NOW!"- melanie

"i hate tv and popular culture and right wing flag hugging assholes" -emmilou
'yeah i'm a lefty"- Lauren

"it's also good for corrupting small children and assaulting me with a constant series of patrick burke lookalikes telling me to find my old classmates"- emmilou

"Ryan is like... the fat giver."-shean

" i wonder if I'll tongue grandpa               ...not MY grandpa" -candice

"i need a frog" -Emily

"thats an EAR??? thats CRAZY!!!"         "wait til you seee where the STOMACH is! ...where's the ear? ....OH i thought THAT was the stomach"-julia/emily macgowan

"I'm not going to vote for your brother because jesus still has my vote!"-candice

"you know a slipperly slope? like... "marijuana, thats a slippery slope.. soone enough you'll be doing crack."-mrs.macneil

"i look dirrty? Hey, today is SHOWER day!" -candice

"the timbit is like the hotdog of doughnuts" -Aaron

"the soxs are purple on friday? well isnt that something to add to the pointless pile of information we call our lives" "no, i said SALSA, the SALSA is purple on fridays." -andrew/julia

"man, i used to have pants like those... then i wore them down to a nub"-jennah

"are you naked or are you just wearing a sausage??"

"*gurgle* there's so much pressure on my sinuses!"-colleen upside down

"if you're going to make macoroni and cheese... why not just make GOOLASH!" -rachelle

"this isn't working!" "..WHATS an orgy?" -susan/julia

"ok, well I'm gonna go wash the dirty dirty nazi subway onion stink off of my body."-shean

"i LOVE bannanas! but not between my binders"-melanie the great

"i know how to spell COCONUT MONKEY, oKAY??!"-susan

"he was all like....."man, why the hell did you invite susan's dorky little sister".... and I was all like..."man your such an asshole, I think she's great" and he was all like "whatever man, you smell like onions"... and I was all like "fuck you""-Shean

"Why do i get the feeling he just wants to ride a big round hard thing?" -jacob on n'sync guy going to space

"whats the worse stench you've ever smelled in a car?"".....the time you puked on my shoes."-julia/sarah

"oh.. nevermind! i just forgot you have a penis" -julia on ryan... i mean SPEAKing ABOUT ryan

"what does quaker mean?"     " quaker... 'one who quakes'. OOoh, SHAKEY oats."-SArah

 "boy weenie, i'm so glad we shared the bigbannana but i sure am tired! "geee henry, i'm fresh out of blueberries, but could i intrest you some big bannana good heavens ozwald where did you get that big bannana? i grew it myself OH! *squish* oh.. right weenie! thats okay ozwald, i head you shared that big bannana with everyone... you too weenie! well weenie girl, home again.goodnight ozwald goodnight weenie"-Ozwald the octopus quotes

"if i were as skinny as a litte crack whore would i get laid?      ..yes, for money." sarah

"there's a difference between making fun of someone and hosing them down with stinky juice"-jacob

"its not a WEIRD question if i was RIGHT" -susan. on asking sarah if she was naked

"if i wanted tight skin, i'd buy a drum" -tom, on old hookers

"i have never seen snow before. my brother and me tried to make it in the freezer but it just melts in your hand, it's just ice, not snow"-ivan

"! i was whippin out the moves like spiderman!" melanie

"someone had the volume up really loud!!" "it was because of my journey into the shacer."-susan.sarah

"Oooooooooh! hello spermies!!!"-emily with a microscope and rat testes

"think about it! these go in your MOUTH." -emily macgowan (looking through a microscope at rat testes)

"now its FOIL time... OH... .so you know of HAMMER but no NOTHING of TONE LOC??" -mrs carroll

"with rationals you have little swoopy swoopy affairs."-Mrs carroll

 "keep U-ing it" "they are fractions over fractions... a 'fractional nightmare" -Mrs. Carroll

 "you people in the back. you're going to have to stop being.. like idiots."-mrs.carroll

"what if your shirt says 'i'm a huge gutter-slut?'-adam pinsky

"oh hi. oh wait... GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. you're ugly."-Mr.Zimmerman

"you know what i'm sick of hearing about?WEED." -Lill
"it's like someone solidified happiness and shoved it in my pants."-Jacob
"exit only my ASS"
"your boys can't swim!" "what do you mean... I'm a LIFEGUARD!!!"-julia/jean louis
"you can do the questions in the text... if you SUCK." -Mrs.caroll
"I'll Pledge the steam off my piss." -Jacob
"okay, stick your nose into this crack and take a BIG whiff.  TRUST me."Jacob
HEY! lets ass jenny craig!
"Poor boy snails." -Emily
"Uterus's are for PACkin' sperm." -Emily
" did u see the one when jesus called in? he was wondring if u could buy smaller condoms because his kept fallin off in his girlfriend because they were too big u never woulda thought the son of god would have that sorta problem"-Mark
"wow. (looking at spencers crotch) you've grown! ..... I'm good with wood..... i put the wood in three times" - Jill
" shag red carpet?" "i'll shag your red carpet." "ew." -Andrew/julia
"who's that?" "stranvinsky." "Is that your piano teacher?" -teresa/sarah
"There's a dyke in my house and she's moving to Utah."-Teresa
"My Cookie is out there!" -Teresa
"My head isn't clear" "what?" "ha! maybe it's genetic." "ha!" "ha!" "What was it you were saying?" -Sarah/Mom
"I sort of looked back and was like 'oh crap! leg licker!' and I walked away." -Sarah
"It's not nice to talk about bedbugs when i have a rash from my pillow" -Sarah
"I'm like the Milli Vanilli of sunburns" -Sarah
"Stop looking at me like that!! Oh, wait..." Sarah to me over the phone.
"I hit my head in the face"
"My foot looks imensly huge right now." "really? My leg is itchy?" -Me/Sarah
" Craziness is HOT." -Ben manuel
"I don't even know what he was. He just wanted to lick me." -Sarah
"That wasn't effective at all." " I didn't FEEL effective." _me/sarah
"Sometimes I'm standing on the Metro platform and i just want to sing .Gershwin. Mostly gershwin." Sarah
"see, they're all about the blang blang, and i'm all about the hat"-shean
"I feel my peaches are in danger." - Sarah
"Is that chicken or mushrooms?" -Susan
" i don't know. I think you'd have to change your pants." -Susan
"I wonder if there are going to be vegetables tomorrow." -Sarah
"I want a fruit right NOW!" "i'm a fruit" -me/Mom
Syphilis can be spread to the brain... like Al Capone-mom
"I think I got high on chickeN' -mom
"STop writing things and putting them on the website!!!!" -MOM
a dog named emily kiley
"Lesbianism is okay if you're ON something." "Yeah, like anouther girl." -me/Jamie
"hey susan! 'OUCH'...get it? come on!! E2 susan... GET it? E2!!"      "...do you mean ET?"                "...yes."      -I and susan
"i can breathe!" "show off." -I and andrew
"i have to put my band aid in my bananna tree. i mean my pinapple can , papya box?"    -Me
"you OVERACTIVE? 'yes, lets run backwards through TIME'" -andrew
"..and this is julia on DRUGS" "Pardon?"  -Colleen/me
"thats nice, rod n' tod" -sarah
"all trees are made out of wood. except those christmas ones which can kiss my ass." -Andrew
"sarah, are you coming on to me?"   "I think i might be" -I and Sarah
"All i can hear is a big german man in the background" "oooh! and i bought sugar cubes!" -I and sarah
wait, i've got hummous
"Keep it safe guys... Move it up and down, not side to side." -Chris Murphy
"Oh~ well i better get out of buddie's way. oh CRAP! *SPLAT*"-Sarah (at her first experience with a crowd surfer)
"You don't happen to have a box in your closet that belongs to me?"-Sarah
"sarah, are you breathing?" 'yes." -Susan/Sarah
"I don't talk about hell. Didn't you knowtice?" -Mom
"like I have enough of a goat to grab" -Mr. Boutlier
"and the cow kicked us and we died." -Spencer
"mmmmm, his dad is so small" -Teresa
"SWEET! I got 'Malaria!'"
"come and try our back portch grilerl" -...burger king
"Two hot n' juicy teens for five dollars" -burger king
"not as disgusting as EATING SOMEONE elses NOODLES" -Sarah
"GO HOME SLUTS!" -anthony
"dude, the ozzie gave me a sweet one today. it was nice and juicy" -Teresa (just afer i had said 'SEX!!')
"she's such a HICCORPRIT!"   -Teresa
"Bo Fugly? that not Paul Grosses name"  -directed towards me

you know the little thing that I blow in to make noise if something is wrong, I can't find it! -Graham

'i don't have any friends....i mean PICS! omg...
you should soo but that as a quote!' - christina garon

shut up! i can't type for carp! -Colleen (on purpose)

'your mane ended with "my butt"' -jACOB

well you see i wear eatiable undies so if i get really excited i just knaw on my underwear -Adam

"My estrogen is broken" -Andrew

"YOu can see her COOKIE!!"-Teresa

"Chocolate Chad" -Halina!

"i think my neck's broken...wait, that's CLEARLY not true"

"there's a path right over heeeeeRRRRRREEEe" -Nathaniel

"there's water under the bridge" -Jacob Maclean

"He has a goiter shaped like Don King"-Andrew

"did jesus pose for that picture?" -Emily Macgowan

"PUSSY!!" -Teresa Thomas

"for the love of God SHAVE! You too boy toy..." -Andrew

"Pelople say ass in the bible, people RIDE asses in the Bible" -Tim HAnley

"whatever flooots your Boooooot" -Jacob

"What movie?" -Emily Macgowan

"obnoixtious chaclate covered chivren" -Mom

"that licence plate says cAC!!!" -Teresa Thomas

"you bought LAWN grass?!?!?!?!" -In reference to Aaron

"you know where you're going charbel" Ms. Coates

"Irene who?"-graham (on me myself and irene)

"the last house smelled like cat poop" - Teresa (to a treat-give on halloween)

"i have terminal hiccups" -Me

"i think i'm attractive" -Me


"the barn door's WIDE open" -... who even KNOWS

"do you idolize me as ham?" -Julia

"yea I thought so." -Jacob
"One of the best ways to keep people silent is to keep them from talking" _mr. Boutlier
"It's a bad day to be your face" -Andrew
"There's my pic! no. thats a penny... no.. its a dime"-andrew
"See, on casual days he takes his pants OUT of his ass" -Tim (on mr. betuik)
"i can derrive a car" -Tim
"so thats why you became religous, you like playing with nutts"-Jean Louis
"hey guys... I'm not superman" -winston
"my name ins;t spelled with an 'a' but hey, whatever" -Emily mcgowan
"this guy's the man! he has a fifth leg! oh wait no... it's his tail' -brain potier
"Who smells flouride?"_emily
"What is hammer time Alec, Hammer Time." -My subconscience
"i met this guy and he didn't know that he was circumsized" "did he look different?" -Julia/Emily
"Man, look at that! you have scrawny fingers!"  "lets ask your MOM."-Mark/Julia
"I'm not Yoko-fucking-Ono" -Julia
"Icky bitch" -Colleen
"I killed it twice and it's not dead yet" -Hobz
"i'm allergic to touching myself" -Susan
"lung filled cow" -Julia
"most of the books I read are either canadian or foreign" -Sarah
"that was te best trip to the washroom i've ever had"
"the clock says 1-2-3-1 which i almost a palindrome.. but if you block out the number with your fingers-Holy shit I'm kind of drunk right now."
"i just got peirced by a walrus            ...  The walrus is in the past jesus CHRIST get with the times"
"strife means babies, right?" Graham
"I can hear the banshees too          ...I think it's dogfood" -Emily
haha no i work woth the porn that has more woman than man
and none of thoes guys can match the gerth -Bret

"my fish was suicidal last night"  -Emily
"justin! Feel my ass! IS it sweet?" "NO!" -emily/justin
"Wait, this is the THIRD floor?!?!?!"-me (elaborating my reaction to ben just jumping out of the window)
Siameese fighting beer
"i've decided to not be confused... i mean.... ahhh....yea?...was that it?" -teresa
"It was all worn out..there's a little too much chastity goin' on here" -Winston
"OHHH! it tingles! right up my corpus collossum!" -Mom
"i'm shrinking! you'll call me midget mom soon! You have PERMISSION to call me midget mom" -Mom
"Emily, I'm getting REALLY fed up with you... I mean Julia... I might have to kick you out....Mark, get out."      -Mrs. Borden
Women are strong... with uterus
"WOOK! its a yellow shafted flicker...a woodpecker." -Clarence (the nature guy with a lisp)
"last time we left off at the beggining of the end."  -Mr. Boutlier
"i have an ample supply of animal stomachs in my desk"  -Mr. boutlier
"a purple tongue is the first sign of drowning" "no it's not." -boutlier/graham
"sperm genises.. think about the Bible"  -Mme. Wiseman
"yak butter sir... the buddhists make statues out of it."  -Andrew
"cut your scissors later."   -Andrew
"it comes from the butt sentance right?..and the but sentance goes there?" "You gotta respect the Butt"     " Don't make me break my foot off in your conjunction"   -Janice/me/Mr. Boutlier
"Thats like asking,'Yes, excuse me but do you have a white albino koala fetus in your RIGHT pocket?'"
"i don't know about the 'elaborate' .. I don't trust elbows" -Spencer
"You cut up his brain, you bloody baboon!"
  - Charlton Heston (Planet of the Apes, 1968)

"It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!"
  - Captain Murphy (SeaLab 2021)
"Oh crap on a crap cracker!"
  - Stinky Pete the seal (Sea Lab 2021)
"Isn't making a smoking section in a restaurant
like making a peeing section in a swimming pool?"
"the west bank of DAMMIT DON"T GO THERE!!" -Sarah and colleen
"You guys havelike...THIS much extra pee-storage' "what are you guys talking about?           ...oh."        -Julia/Emily
"he's a sweet guy,and funny...bla bla bla and we might have sex!" -nate
"it only seems practical. saying we will we will rock you" "heh heh, maybe. heh heh, he just glued his hand to his dick." -Julia/Solomon

"I'm glad I'm cheap"  -liana

"If you have mono-i'll kill you. If i have mono... i'll kill me" -Susan

"Where did all my thongs go?"  " I have a thong in my bra" -Susan/Andy

"Do not enter,  MY ASS!!" -Julia

"Ew, Joel plaskett.... i don't like those guys."

I lost a button hole

"but in return you gained a cat, and a brother...who is like a cat" -Andy

"he wrote wang on the table, it was funny" -michelle mcclare

If my life were in a bar, I would have been killed by now. In a bar fight. -- Sarah (trying to think of an analogy, and failing)

I think that it adds validity, if not acronymity, to their cause. -- Julia Freake, upon hearing that WTN was now just W

You're not going to leave me here sitting on a planter all alone with my sorbetto! -- Sarah

"oh... Poor French Stewart." -Susan and sarah... similtaniuosly

"evil is only comes in a jar. turkey goes well with duck fox hair or sweat..or possibly milk. reverse peach birth"

fuck you and your sex!-nicole tufts

"I assume its a WATER slide." "um, its a water park" -julia/spermmonkey

"tomorrow i'll have a uterus!" -mom

"aw crap" -heather

i think we've just confirmed our homo-hood"

suck my long, hard, clitoris!!

i couldn't HANDLE it, i was going to PEE my PANTS if i stayed! i was laughing and choking on nuts!-Melanie

John: What's this?
Ringo: It's a season ticket. What do you think it is?
John: Oh. I like a lot of seasoning in me soup. -HELP!

Lady: Where you been, eh? You're as bad as your sister comming home from work all hours and all colors.         -HELP!


you dont have that in an mpeg, do you?-Spencer

"Dickwad or 'du quad'?-colleen

"You, God and Pixwass.. Whoa"

"Why have you been talking about god?" "Because how else would she be able to pick up her serviette?"

*waves hand infront of fave* is that real? "julia strokes melanies groin in laughter* why HelLLLlLlllo"-Teresa/melanie

"It seems she puked her rum *pukes again* .... and then some."-me

"I really TASTED the rainbow man"
"We had peanuts all this time and no one told me??!? you dirty dirty dirty....
"..My stomach... my mouth....Turkey bunnies and pinapples?"
"Dirty dirty dirty Bastard"-Julia/melanie

"Here Melanie! have some GRASS!" "I dont want your GRASS *pukes X3*"-Julia./melanie

"My mouth tastes like weed... & vomit...... and weed.""dont you taste the rainbow?" "no.. nonoe of that... just.... WEED.-Melanie/colleen/melanie

"What a Graphic representation of Satan"-Julia

"Tupace, the bosom fan.... slash not at all"-Melanie


"It's like eating water with and aftertaste orf bakery... WOw, i'm gonna be SOOO smashed!"

"this is lenny kravitz."

"no it isnt" "this is OZZY OZBORNE" "oh yea.. thats right"

"These berrys are rum"

"There are rarely things I hate more then Shaggy"-Me

"These glasses are like a personal Disco."-Kira

"I live on the edge" -Kira

"Is that the one with the Elephant?" _melanie on ConAir

"I feel like i just jumped outta a chees bog"-ME

"I feel like i should be wearing a sombraro just LOOKING at it." "what?" "Colleens elastic just took Julia to Mexico"-Me/colleen/Kira

"The word "to" but Twice." -Kira on the spelling of Toto

"You are like... Orally challenged" *gives the finger* -Julia/melanie

"I dont have fillings.. i have sweedish berries"-Kira

"Ali is the devil.... wha?" -Melanie

"If it ends in a PFfffffft, you KNOW its serious"-me

"I wish I was ethnic" -Teresa

"We could put on a puppet show... but i dont have any puppets."-Kira

"Slanty eyed barbie for the masses... that's ethnic"-Colleen<<<<

"Thats one unfortunate monkey"_Kira

"It hit my epiglotis"-Kira on chocolate covered rasins

"Shes got a half of a Pierre"-Teresa on my MUSTACHE

"Did ANYONE SEE THAT?" "Yeah! i saw it TWICE!" -Julia/Kira

"I have a virgin belly button"-Colleen

"You almost smacked me in the SKI machine"-Melanie

"That boy is SOOOO LANKY"-melanie on jamie amiro

"and I was laughing.... because.... i was stoned"-Melanie

"You're weird... did anyone ever tell you that?"-Melanie to me

"What did she say? i missed it," " Basically "Hot boxing" and "rectum" was really all you really  needed to hear."-Melanie/Kira

"I have nuts in my throat"-Me


Look at this WORD. CWETHPHETH! c-w-e-t-h-p-h-e-t-h. Its a bunny saying CHRISTMAS." -Justin

"My whole meal today reminded me of penis" -Kira

"Lift with a simple machine... We call it a Leaver."
"Would you like some toast?"
"Would you like some LEAVER-age?"-Justin/Julia

"I'm obsessed with thinking."
"its ten bucks per person"
"this is true."-Kira/Julia
"And then I spent an hour looking at a lightsaber website...."- Justin

"I dont know about you, but when i find an empty jar of pickles, my hip flab shrinks."-justin

"Thats not even the word I was looking for."
 "The word she was looking for was E.S.P."

"Its like poking a cellulite-filled babies bottom.        ...for a limited time only. Justin Inc."-Justin about a gel candle

"Clouds are SO cold"
"...but the atmosphere is so close to the sun!!"-Colleen/Teresa

 "This is called 'inside of a lepers ASS' scent, thats my guess. Thats "Interveiw at the dump today" smell."- Justin, on a scented candle

":Anette Betting? She's so white shes the opposite of The Matrix."-Colleen

"That was so funny *clasps bosom*... Back then." Colleen, on ten seconds beforehand.

"Lead pencil?"
"Lead is what poisoned the romans."
"Its GRAPHITE, you dillhole."-kira/colleen/julia

"Mmmmmmmm... soft-palatesterbation."-julia

"The chicken dance was SO HARD."
"So was the Macarena"-Melanie/teresa

"Holy MOther! Look at these peanuts... geez, they're huge. I can't get over it. *eats them*-teresa

If you took my chin hair, Kiras and Julias we could BRAID it... and if colleen gets in... we could make a Bracelet." -Teresa

"holy CRAP. I felt those vibrations over here. On the OTHER couch. HOLY."-teresa, on Julia Farting.

"Are these MOnkeys? Tadpoles? Frogs? ..Oh no.. its two (dogs?) chasing a rabbit."-Teresa

"I dub you.... NICK ZWIRLING!"-Colleen.

"Come back to me, PUDDING!"  "who ARE you?" "...I don't know." Coleen/Julia

"What's this guy's name? Oh, Brian Research...wait, that's BRAIN Research"- Melanie

"It's a guy in a bear suit."- Emmilou
"He's a conductor (of an orchestra)"- Melanie
"Oh, I thought it was like one of those pictures of a guy in a frog suit that they thought was Big Foot for 40 years"- Emmilou

"One in every four cows is Albino"- Biology text.

"Julia, antlers don't move."- Colleen
"Colleen is so smart!"- Melanie
"I'm obsessed with thinking." -Kira (?)
"Eye contact is funny!"- Melanie
"Can I have another writing utencil? Ouuu there's one over there, except that's a pen, not a pencil....and by pen, I mean lighter..."- Julia
"Soft palletsturbation"- Julia
"Would anyone like some crackers or prunes?" -Kira
(Discussing where our parents went to high school) "My dad went to the annex"- Jillian Henry
"She had a pig nose and wouldn't stop licking her chops"- Melanie and Emmilou
"Oh! You mean Piggly Wiggly?"- Meris
(Talking about elephants) "I'd like to see you pick leaves off a tree with your nose and then EAT it!"- Melanie
"Actually, if I made a large glove and pulley system, I could probably rig it up so when I clenched my nostrils, I could grab a leaf and eat it."-Josh
"She was cross-eyed, and I mean MAJORLY cross-eyed!"- Mel's mom
"I was sick to the extreme-style."-Melanie
"So you were projectile vomitting like 20 feet while skateboarding off a building?"- Josh
"E.E. Cummings....good ol' E.E."- Kira

"What would Keith Richards do?"- Andrew Black
"Me and Joe are kindred spirits."- Kyle, on Old Joe
*in shower* "If your name isn't Mom, then I must let you know I am a ninja, and the fact that I'm naked, won't prevent me from kicking your ass"- Melanie
"Don't say 'ass'."- Suzanne Horne
"Have fun reading your books, stupid!!"- IDIOT on the metro
"MAJAH FLAVAH"- the back of a guy's jacket at Emipre.
"No WONDER it didn't hurt, with all that FLUB!"- Meris, about some girl's tattoo.
"Melanie, if I ever marry Cher, want me to hook you up with Keith Richards?"-Rob Haines
"If you fell down, and broke the glass, I wouldn't care about the glass, I'd care about.....your FACE!"- Meris
"Going places is overrated."- Peter Downing

"I feel so popular with my man bag"- random boy
"I bet you have a man bag, jackass"- Spencer
"she probably likes him now, he's SO mainstream"- Erin, about one of the Good Charlotte kids at SJA
"EVERYONE BE QUIET! I can't learn ya if you're making a rukus!"- Mr. Walsh
"do number 10 and 11"-Walsh
"you mean the ones that are CIRCLED, sir?"- student
"I'll give you circles!*makes fist* right around your EYES!"- Mr. Walsh

"AH! that one's the worst in the whole thing. even scarier than the exorcist one!"- Josh, on a poster of Courtney Love
''If I had five million pounds I'd start a radio station because something needs to be done.It would be nice to turn on the radio and hear something that didn't make you feel like smashing up the kitchen and strangling the cat.''- Joe Strummer.
"remember the girl that had tourettes? and her whole neighbourhood had tourettes? and they were all running around with whatchyamacallits.... idiosecrecies and it was in that commercial?? you know the one...anyone??"- Melanie's Mom
"but you could take all 3 fan sites and condense them into one and save money on domain names and webspace"- Josh, on the positive aspects of Ben Kweller, Joel Plaskett and Thurston More all being the same man.

"There should be a shrug section" "womens shrugs... MENS shrugs"-melly T
"i'm as sober as a judge." -Ace
"Their hair was like beaver pelts!" -Kira
"Mother Goose is a real person?" -Teresa (a month later: "She is?" in reference to this quote.)
"They look so edible." -Teresa on clouds
"Shean?  Sober?" -Teresa
"don't name your kid 'lacey' or 'jacob'." -general consensus
"Estrogen is a preservative." -Julia
"I was like 'I thought you were gay...'" -somebody on somebody else touching them in their sleep.
"Your womb is only a womb when there's a baby in it." -Teresa
"i'm sturdy." -Kira
*inward farts*
"Germans knew jazz in the thirties?" -Teresa
"I'm as Cleeeeeeeeaaaaan as a whistle." -Melanie
"I used to think Colleen ate carrots in the summer and turned orange." -Julia  "that's true, you know."-Teresa
"Is that one of those big long hard wooden things, you know..." -Teresa, in reference to didgeridoos
"i straightened my haor this morning, Now it's all curly.  What's with this FOG? Where are we, DOVER?!" -Melanie
"I Feel Hot, as in Heat."  -Melanie
"you have the body of  Marilyn Monroe and the lips of a baby."
-Charlotte speaking of Kira
"Oh, and those random Biscuit groomings aren't as random as we once thought." -Kira
*everyone else is talking about penises* "I pet a snake, a Big Fat One."             -Teresa
"im not much for the emo nemore" -Solomon Vromans
"Quintina is an Ugly Whore" -A bathroom at QEH
"Man, there were these lesbians at Golda's who had the longest arm-pit hair..."-Teresa "Could ya braid it?" -Julia  "You could FRENCH braid it..." -Teresa
"I'm definitely a "trim & tuck" bikini line person."
"Did you ever see Bigbird in Japan?"
"Butt backwards is Ttub!!!!"
"Did you see her push face?"
-Teresa on julia walking in on kira on the toilet.
What IS that a PRUNE?"- Julia, on what Melanie would say if she ever saw Keith Richards' penis...
"Look! The littlest hobo!"- Kyle Sparks
"I'm a firm believer in dollars and cents."- Ms Hopkins
"Boy have I got some dillies!"- Ms Hopkins
"Erin is a swine"- Rob Haines

I LOVE buttholes"- Julia

"I didn't think people had these outside of school"- Erin, on dictionarys

"the uterus is the strongest muscle in the female body"- Teresa

"hahahahah I just spit peanuts SO far hahahahaha"- Melanie

"Yeah, I'm most definatley fucked" "You am?"- Melanie/Kira

"Natural Star Wars"

"Tommy saturday night Hilfiger"

"the way you pee, the way you process things...." "Yeah it's like high metabolism...brain metabolism"- Kira/Colleen

"I already can't remember anything already"- Colleen

Bust a move!

"Ok, If I was you guys, I wouldn't like me" "WHAAAAT?" "Meris?"- Colleen/Kira/Teresa

"Thank you Melanie, pat you and your miget feet" "patch yer migger feet?!"-Colleen/Kira

"My miget diiiied"- Julia, as Kid Rock

"My arm is reinacting Harry Potter"- Kira

"wee ga? wee ya? oui ja....oui ya? french? german? whoooaa"- Colleen??

"real peeing? Do you want me to get you some containment?"-Kira"WHAT?" -Melanie "for PEEing!"-Kira "I'm NOT peeing!"-Melanie "OOOOOhhhh...good"- Kira

"this hand is hotter than THIS hand, because they melted in this one but NOT the other"- teresa

"I'm feeling little grains of sugar in my system?"- Colleen "As in Cher"- Kira

"teeth are SO fuzzy!"-Teresa

"I want to take you to a spa and give you a descalping treatment oh feck, what's with this accent...."- Kira

"Having a running man?" "oh it's a double decker layer of running man...Davy Crocket!!...man...."-T/Kira

snowglobe jell-o

"Speaking of large balls of sugar, what's with Tiffany and giant suckers?"- Kira

Kira comes down steps, Colleen & T are sleeping: "DOn't you want me baby, don't you want me ohhhhhhhhhh"- Mel, in a British accent. Kira falls down steps.

"Trooper, who names their band TROOPER? Hey, we're all troopers"

"you see that's the difference between us, you see Angus Young, I see Glen GOULD!"- Julia to Melanie, about the Feltham computer wallpaper

"Is that the guy that played Luke Skywalker?"-Julia
"MARK HAMILL! Kirk Hammett is a guitarist of a popular music group. you may be familiar with them, they play metal, their name is METALLICA"- Melanie "Ohhhh THAT band that i love SO much"- Julia

"fucking no being able to chew"- ACe on having to eat soup


"Am I emo??"- Svromans

"doesn't your brother live for that shit?"- melanie

"sometimes, and i frown and its not any old frown its a fucking insane frown like a I WANNA KILL YOU frown"- Ace Robinson, on emo

"EMO who the fuck does that girl think she is?you dont' SAY you like EMO ASSHOLE also, Emo is not for ugly rich girls with BMWs.it's for skinny sad ugly boys.and me." - Emmilou

"tomorrow im going skating alllllll night ive been getting really good at skatebaording im soo good at skating now since the last time u saw me have u been sakting nemore?"- SVromans

"I think Julia is addicted to puffer"- Emmilou

"and it ACTUALLY sounds like a fork is lodged in his foreskin. its amazing."- Julia, on Shawn Desman

"______________________________ you took the high road

she took the low road (seen below)

___________________________and you'll be in dublin before her unless she catches up or... stops spending so much of her life on that OTHER road with dreds."

"...but seriously"- Kyle McKenna

"I hate that hair with that face the UGLY one she looks like a dead wormcrow"

"érection½"- Tiffany

"we're going to montreal for the emo music."- Emmilou

"emo Las Vegas"- Julia

"Have your pets spade or neutered"- SVromans

"it's from Spain. Spanish guitars sound so sexy!"- ACe

"religion is a bucket. a bucket for athiests and agnostics to shit in." "think outside the bucket"- Julia/Melanie

"Bush is wearing a red tie! and he's an IDIOT. WAY TO SUCK THE BIG BALL BUSH!"

"why are we HERE? who IS that guy? I've never seen him before in my LIFE"-Melanie "Kevin Doyle"-Julia "Kevin Doyle....yeah, but what's his NAME?"-Melanie "uh, Kevin Doyle?"-Julia "....Ohhhh...."-Melanie

go smoke some we we we we we we we we weeeeeeed, but not my we we we we we we we we weeeeed"- Julia mocking the exes of the Melanie

"I think I'm really(does quotation motions with fingers) FUCKED"-Melanie "you could LEAD the fucked!"- Kira

"At least you're having a running man AND a vulcan child.....they're twins!!"-Kira

"would you like some icing for that strudel?"-Melanie to Rob

the stumps story

(Chad walks by)"I hate Chad Avery"-Melanie (whispering) "you hate chafing?"-Julia "No, Chad AVERY"-Melanie "OHHHH CHAVERY!! BUT YOU DON'T HATE CHAD AAVERY!!"-Julia

"I can see the whole quintet in my periferal vision. 1,2,3....4,5...and Bret..."-Kyle McKenna

"what is this quintet anyway, some sort of cult?"- Ian

"not so much a cult....more like a drinking team"-Spencer
"I was going to ask you how your leg was... and then I remembered that you're not Dave." -- N.R.

"I love watching Canadian films... its like watching Monty Python" -tim on the multitude and variations of Canadian actors

"You're like that black puppet on that show... where they talk about the world."-Teresa on Kyle Mckenna's hair

"What Happened to frank?" -Spencer

"Where you just mocking OUR language???What the hell are bagpipes in German again???" "......... DoodleSac."-Julia vs. German exchange

"Enough with the BASTARDs and screwing you!!"-Mom

"my Cousins are twins and they like cranberries." -Teresa

"Did you say "its covered in fuck'?

"My name is julia i live in a bucket"-colleen

"how 'bout some good ol' water... here teresa... OPOSABLE THUMBS!!"

"Chicken little didnt have babies."-Teresa

"coconut juice goes with pool noodles."-Teresa

"if her nose is longer then two of my fingers then shes drunk."

"Look at this conucopia of love"

"W should've had BAKLAVA!!"=melanie

Whats ON me??? -Melanie

"I;kk peck your wood" "...I'll wood your peck." " ..so close" -Teresa and I

"You know who this looks like? ________" "Its a CYCLOPS."

"I looked in the mirror and i was like "God i'm hot".. and ti was great.        I'm just gonna go chug some vodka."           "...cheesy?"

"We were gonna get depends and get drunk and pee cause you know... where'd she go? to get depends?"

"You're making me all wet"

"i'm in the biggest pile of cheese sticks EVER." -Melanie

"I promised you i wouldnt... but i dont know if i can.. fo,llow... up.. on that."-(on puking)

"We should've really got depends...You have a cheeto."



"you know what looks scary? genital peircings"-Matt

"SQUAT JULIA!"- melanie/teresa/colleen

"no no, it's all about stradling the tree"- Julia (peeing)


"ow, my hair... help me, colleen.. it all about the melanie" -melanie(julias head caught in a shirt)

"She Na Na Na-ed"-Julia and Teresa

"I think hes attractiive.. i can smell the ass... its not THAT  bad."-teresa

"your face is scaring me."-Melanie to Julia

"Eat my shit." "Did you hear that right before their period girls smell really well... with their noses i mean... did you hear that?"-Julia/Teresa

"Nad Pepper"-Julia

"I taste like burning."

"I LOoooove Bongos" (steel drums are playing)-teresa

"what did you EAT? vodka?"

"What WAS he.. a slice n' dice WANG?" "Yea, except on his face..."-julia/Teresa

"Way to urinate, face bucket." Julia to Teresa

"There's a purple towel around her..." "how am i not supposed to laugh at that?"-teresa/julia




"..i dn't meantthat in the context in which "bitch" could possibly follow" -Aaron Maclean

"...listened to spice girls, you know how it is."-Melanie

""Maybe i died and went to hellven."-Me

"..what DO the hampsters do?"-Randy

"Jesus was bald."-Emily Kiley

"it crapped the kick out of me!"

"in HELP! ya know how ringo's lying down and that woman's about to inject him with the shrinking stuff? and he goes "i'm allergic to penecilin and all other something or other drugs.......gum?" yes you can end  any sentence with "........gum?"-Melanie/erin

Well I think Julias Dad is a bit of a poser

Did you ever notice Tristan smells like baby??/
   No, I think he smells like fart... because he always farts.. /
   Yeah, well I guess thats like baby.

Whaat? You dont know who tiny tim is??
(screaming) ERNIE!!! They dont know who Tiny Tim is!!!
     -Erins Mom

where in the world is my candy... i mean julia"-Andy

"I LOVE 'em!" "Love what?" "...Nibs." " *phish*.. NIBBs.""- Ryan/Anu

"Sheen IS satan...Satan in satin"-Mary


"I am getting off rigtht now, I am holding my crotch in fear of pissing myself" -janice

"yeah and those stripes almost always fool me into thinking it's a viper until I get a really close look"-Chris on neons being pimped

"can i have a drink of that?"-melanie "Quoi? cette dildo ici?"-emmilou "GYAHAHAHA did you say DIIIIIILDDDDOOO!?!?!"-brittany 

"Remember that time I drank the homo milk?" "..that was YESTERDAY." -Sarah/Susan

"It'll look crappy... as in like crap." -Susan

"I'm going to fart on the kitchen counter." "and i'm going to spray it with tough and tender!                                                ...its a CLEANER!"- Susan and Sarah

"You know whos hot?" "... Lava man." -Susan/Sarah

"Julia does that LOOK like your sheet of paper???" -Susan

""she's all "melanie, you need to get me tanked" and i was like this sounds like a mission for julia" -Melanie

Are they having sex??" "um.. they're groping."  (caption says 'panting') "panting? i thought they were DE-panting"-Sarah

"tomato grounds?" "...um, CRAYONs?" "oh! if i have any they'd be in...:" "your sweet box of love?" "...actually, maybe."

how're you
i've got bad poop cramps!
i'm gonna buy vodka!"

" i didnt shit the whole time i was at ryan's and its not that i didnt try.
but damn, do i have some build up"


"haha it reminds me of porridge...
a gopher eating porridge" -chris on hodge podge

"you gotta GIVER in the sac to get the omniescient quiff"


"if you were a country, which country would you be?" "micronesia .dont make any penis-size jokes"-julia/spen

i'm TIRED. but i'm drinking BANANA smoothie so i will soon be HAPPY"-melanie

"we're trying to refine our "oh yas" and "jesuses""-Susan

"Well, i can guarantee that if you cant get it on, you can't get it off." -steve

"that's when you're so amazed that you spew the food left to be digested in your stomach and it lands in places other than your intestines, as in out of your mouth."

"my sexual fantasy involves aisan mijets and a 12 pack of ballons "-jacob

"now i'm confused by the general concept of ass" "its a broad one" -Julia/tom

"did he goin around touching people and fixing their  problems? ... i guess he never beat off." -Mark

"sorry! i went to pee, then came back, so naturally i forgot what was going on"-teresa

"Sorry about that i forgot..." "forgot what?" "...Where your boob was."

"sogarato farrites.. sounds like a genital disease"-jacob maclean

"whatever... TANK!! i'll run over you and your hummer!" -Jacob maclean

"tank, discman and flashlight." "flashlight?" "...ground effects."-TO/paul/TO

"throw on a molotov cocktail...cook you and eat you alive? thats what'd happen."-Rob

*jacob makes loud, prolonged, graphic sucking noise* "thats DISGUSTING! you're talking about my MOTHER LACTATING!"

"How do you spell (sucking noise) sesqqq or ssshoeeeeuooo?"-rob

"I have never seen you try to lick something when its NOT frozen"-Paul on horatio

"He can't stop his hands from moving" "AHhhh.... parkinsons." -Julia/colleen

"Horatio, the crazy insane pepper from MExico." -Rob

"it looks like my mom... similar box"-Julia being jean-louis

"eewwww... Michelles body." -matali

"I cannot be tamed!! I'm a wild mustang."-Rob

"but, who's religion is right anyway? Jewish, CHristian...........ummmmm Hinbu......Its all the same too me."-Joshua Carew.

"i'm way too "weeeeeeeeeeeeeee" to be reading"-melanie Horne

"you know how theres cock fights with chickens? well they fight in a little ring, and what would you call the ring of a cock fight? a cock ring."-Jacob Hiltz

"i love trouble, its a classic. pop pop pop"-Kristin

"but i dont need no silicone blueberries lookin me in the eye at every turn"-jacob Hiltz

"or a butt chastity belt

...for your butt."-jacob Hiltz

""it doesn matter where as long as there' coplus amounts of liquor" -horatio

"i've got a phallic ear cyst.. oh wait, no i dont": -Sarah Feltham

"in the pants I hold my secret to the existence of man. " -Steven Marr

"i'll never be done with the natives wink wink nudge nudge"-Melanie

"fuck. why is everything a quote"-Melanie




"i'm a professional mask drawer. i'm puttin it in my resume"-melanie


my printer claims it has no ink. well i BEG TO DIFFER!" -melanie


"...and i've had it up to here with these damn natives" -melanie

"i avoid it like a penis""i do NOT avoid the penis i must say""...well ...its on your blood ...its in my pants"

"i have a good feeling aboot you two...based on nothing"

"tell hendrix to play an a phygrian scale and he'll kick your ass"-jacob H

'who is this guy? He looks like an earl ...like if he said "hi im earl" ...id believe it'- Jacob H

"...yeah im too lazy to be jesus"-jacob H

"i have no intention of getting ass im more of a one taco guy" Jacob H

"one false cartwheel and were all losing our scottish lunches"-jacob on kilts

"its not a wake up ordeal"-jacob on masturbation

"I envy you and your mouth orgasms"-Aaron Maclean

"they should have a law about deep conditioning your sister" -sarah

"what.... milk?"           



"i LOVE it but i'm not feelin this superstore shit. ASS just isn't what it used to be."-melanie

how do you pepperspray someone with glasses on?"
"it like.....goes AROUND the glasses??"
"yes melanie, they make MATRIX pepperspray for raping nerds!"-julia/melanie/julia

"say goodbye to mr.hymen!!"

"JULIA, YOU'RE GIVING ME A MAMOGRAM"  "with what?" your mammo"

"Hes younger then you." "yea, but i'm older then.... FECES"

"thats so gross.... itd smell so bad!                        ...wouldnt that be moderately illegal?" -teresa, on sarah keeping dead bodies under her bed

"whats a creaton?"
"you know.. moron, creatons and idiots"
"oh IDIots... i know idiots"-teresa/sarah/colleen

"noam chomsky wrote about people being nice.. in a general way like ' don't do genecide"

"that makes me want to say iago"
"his bum smells"

"he has hands that are like "hello i'm a worker-troll with tapered man-hands"
"no, trolls fingers have balls at the end" -julia/teresa

"ET is something like a troll isnt he?" -teresa

"look at those sweet kittens"-teresa

"apparently some kid in grade ten has parents who are vikings"-teresa

"how does one go about looking like a viking? "-melanie
"a horned cap is the first step"-colleen

"wine is awesome with spagetti"

"ok a morse is a cross between a minkey and a.....thats right... a horse, clpiipty clop around the jungle yet so sad that he cant open the bananas]yeah, its kinda sexual
whoops... did I say that out loud.... aww no she hates me"-peter

"my cousin is HOT! i saw him at the movies today.he had long hair and a Ramones t shirt . and i was like, i love you!"- emmilou

"you're gonna like my cookie."- meris

"jonathan taylor thomas is fucking annoying"- melanie

"jonathan taylor thomas is fucking hot!"- neela

"Waaaaaa... Me hate menstruation."- tiffany

"'hello i am icelandic' is hard to say with a macadamia nutt cookie in your mouth"-teresa

"NO, a burette is SPanish... its a SPANIsh hat.... OHhhhh, thats a SUMBRARO"-teresa

index you

"ketchup and cheese." "NOW you're speaking MY language!"-melanie/ashley

"Mine's going to be like... 'im-a-stupid-moron-that-sucks.'"-chris about it school user name.

"it's huge strings on frets THIS big...and if you miss you're a true asshole." chris, on basses.

Sort of like x's and O's.. except without the x's and o's and only the grill..-mom

You can't do anything with a pot holder

unrestriced doin' it-jacob

VALUE of the HOLE." "swoopy swoopy, hole""please don't have flying objects fly. thank you."

"spagetti noodles and dinner rolls..the Skids!"-Mrs.carroll

"we get to make math sperm!" "Arf and Arf" "it used to be down negative style in the 3rd quad." "Hurtin' unit" "one over the funky parabola ( "My husband is ALWAYS saying that..'DO IT!" or "EAT IT!"-Mrs. Carroll

When this guy at the art museum asked me whom I liked better, Monet or Manet, I said, "I like mayonnaise." he just stared at me, so I said it again, louder. Then he left. -ERika

"i thought they were cheese strings but BOY WAS I WRONG! it's just CHEESE! in cheese string shape but.......SOLID!it doesn't string!" -Melanie

im the bastard son of kenny g     -tony

where the f*ck are my flood pants!? what if there's a flood!! i won't be prepared and my pants will be soaked!-melanie

"you can have salvation and masterbate... they aren't mutually exclusive" -Julia Freake

oh yeah I have babies with cadets.love children.I cheat on tec with cadets and hide the children in airshows and bushes where tec wouldn't look -heather

there's something about that guy that always rubbed me the wrong way (metaphorically speaking of course). -Tim

well if you get sick of a car but are still looking for something with a big backseat and plenty of gas, then IM your man.-Aaron

"Off to the crapper I's BE!" -Teresa

"SHUT UP you DUTch BAStard!" "HEY! I'm not DUTCH!"-me/sarah

"I peed on two buildings. when you gotta go you gotta go. except i could've gone in the metro centre, but i decided to go ON it instead." -SOL

Danielle says:
      This is not danielle
"this guy was the epitome of driving instructor. He was so monotone he made me sound like fricken Apu." -Andrew
"Never trust an animal with no genitalia" -andrew
"i'm going to die a VIRGIN!! (with an ERectile disfunction ad running) NONO! i wasn't thinking about the ad! i was thinking about COFFEE"
"okay, everybody get into a nircle!.... nircle?" -JEn
"We're going to un-do this human-knott with the help of knott girl. I'm knott girl, i'm a MAN" -Sean
"HA! Brown Belt: You have mastered the poop." -Sol
"MAN! My shirt is coming apart already! thats almost the last time i'll buy anything at le chateau......                          almost." -Sean
"you're INSANE!!!! guess what?!? I'm making a Handbag!!" -Colleen
*snort* ew... there's something in my nose... that reminds me!
I don't have anymore flour now i can't make cornstartch
I got the onions and the cantelope mixed up...that was a horrible fruit salad-andrew
"isn't that frightening?" 'yes. and that bird has a huge nob" -Julia/andrew
I didn't want to assume. ASs makes an ass out of SHIT -julia

"WANG!"        'Let me get to it" -Julia/sarah
no, like he's freaky and leans on me when i'm trying to get slushies -michelle
If her moped hadn't gotten stolen, she wouldn't be running. It would be Moped Lola Moped! -Sarah
"mr drummer is gay?' -Mom
"i'm interesting at least 12 or 15% of the time.... i mean... Ow OW!" -- damn roasting pan -sarah
Do you know what I've been craving since about 2:30 this afternoon? BOURBON. Not Bourbon specifically, just some kind of alcohol. -- Anonymous "No-Drinker"
It's a lesbian affair with gayness as well. -- Susan discussing Kurt and Leah
You walk into this church with 70 foot ceilings and it just SCREAMS Kurt Swinghammer. -- Guy on Bravo
"i have a feling if i got a car i would become a really lazy petrol whore really fast" -Sarah
"really, because i was just thinking of shakespear being still alive and a psycotic bruise giver." -andrew 
frog says rubber all the time. RUBBER! RUBBER!
'I'm doing squat, not you!' -colleen
"I used to like puking water but now its off of the fun-things-to-to list" me
He looks like a fat japaneese man alot of the time. i'm just waiting for him to strap on a sweaty towel-like loin cloth and start speaking wookie. because, as you know its all about my sumo-wookie cat.
"it's no fun being normal...not that i would know." -Mom
"I love boys... They make me feel so GOOD inside"
"Ah, i love kissing boys." -Nathaniel
"He does that to everyone. Even his MALE friend JULIA."
"Taylor, spitballs are just immature!" "they aren't spitballs! they're B.B's." -Mr.Betuik/Taylor
That was me trying to think of an analogy...and FAILING -Sarah
"speaking of which ... a Kayak"   -Julia
"man, you guys have pudding everywhere" -Colleen
"JUlia! Stop making fun of myslef!" -Sarah
They have a really loose definition of "Candy-Free Checkout", don't they? -- Sarah
"guys, i'm not Superman." -Winston
"i need more gain!" "did you just say you were more gay? gayer than any other gay guy ever?   yes."      -Andrew Cartmill/David
"two daddus, no naddus" - you'll figure it out

Like Hello, they're Russians.....the only thing they're good at is like the friggin' Cold War - graeme

When life gives you lemons squeeze the juice into a water gun and squirt in in other people's eyes

"Most boys dribble before they shoot" -sex ed teacher

"that's piccasso? why is his ear still there?" -Susan

"I was fooling around with the Sears man all day" -Mom

"sex can be a beautiful thing between two couples" -Mom

"my ass is a banjo" -Sean Connery

"i know what boys want these days"... "Pencils?!??!? Gee MISTER!!! THANKS!" -FAT

"red rose tea is 99.9999999% moonshine" -Dan patison

"sir? is f equal to u c k y o u??" -perhaps me

"if teresa can pass this course...anyone can." -Mr. Vickers


"Na-three-A"-Jacob/ Andrew


"you have a severe case o' S.A.S."

" ...If you look closely, you can see that they are sticking a bouquet up his bum..." -Mrs. Adams

"FIVE MINUTES?!?! That's not enough time to poke a trumpet up my ass and say boo!!"-me

"you made me cry... and you made baby jesus cry too..." teresa

"OH!!! NOW i know what blackheads are!"-teresa (looking at my nose)

"DOUCHE!"- joey

"Or whether, riding on balls of mine..." Act 3 scene 2 115

"looking for a young single white leper" -Andrew

"if you can't trust a yodelling cranky, insane swamp man.. who CAN you trust?"   -Adrew
"I thought she ripped off his unit!" -Lana
You're not allowed to carry a gun? I got a godd*mn gun if i'd known this was gonna happen i'd have brought my motherf*cking gun -the rock
"it's not a good day to be your face" -andrew
"fortunately, i was on the offramp" -Sarah
"you're such a good thinker"-me
"and one day i'll be like 'doot dee doot doot do BITE ME BASTARD!'" - Susan (about mike)
"Why am I thinking about charbel?" -andrew
"I think I'm Jewish...." -Julia
"I'm Orally retarded" -Sarah
"You can't row without the right paddle" -trojan condom ad
"ooh.. Melons and ORGASM!!!!"  -Susan Feltham
"speaking of which there's a kayak!!" -Julia Feltham
"...Granite is always a bitch"-Shawn
"I wish I were in a node" -Sarah Feltham
"the guy is like a gecko. he blends in with his surroundings: a polar bears ass" -CHris Carter
"JESUS! BABY!" -Julia
"i'm going to fart.        OW! my pants are WAY too tight" Julia
"There's something in my gaunch.... SEAWEED CRACKERS!!!"
"now everything is going to be on your quote page"  "soy sauce?" "...yes."
"I never said i was orally retarded" -Sarah
"sure i am yes yes i SURE AM!" -melanie
"why would i WANT someone to rip off my UNIT?"
*Whisper* Skittles, taste the F***ing Rainbow B**ch(inside joke)

'oh god that was bad....


<shoots self>............

"this user is curently dead. if you would like a response, please press zombify

"can you imagine a world without cheese?" -Andrew or Colleen... i can't remember

"..and the funnel" -Emily

"mark:this is a voodoo penis" "Julia: lets see who screams."   emily:AHHHH!

"note to self: don't trust a room of sluts"

"NO i said we're going to study moussorgSKy"ee who screams" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."Julia/mark/emily

"teresa, am i kicking you in the face?" "yes! i'm like: my hand hurts" -Julia/teresa

"The rat is non-partisan."
                 -- slightly cross-eyed guy

"well, its not a bra.. and it isn't an eye patch" -mom.. on her discovery of susan's thong

Hump scotch pigeon crotch     -either me or andrew... i'm not sure

"all my quotes have to do with ASS"  -Tim

"no! liverpool sux my balls "- solomon

"david whats a goodquote?""if you touch my weiner, ill touch yours"-Julia Feltham to Richard Simmons' -julia/david

i wanna spread him on a cracker and eat him up! -danielle

I was in charge of rhubarb today. -- Katie

Nine is always evil, which most people find strange.   -- some lady on a website

"I'm glad I didn't have ambigous genitalia" - Anonymous

"'i'm glad i don't have ambigous genitalia'" "Don't you?" -Julia/colleen

"I'm having a NIPPLE SEIZURE?!?"

"LIP seizure i said NOTHING of my BEautiful NIpples!" -Sarah

"Tove really sounds east Indian. who KNOws what those people call themselves" -Sarah

"can i borrow you guys for 10 minutes to be my eight year olds?"-sarah

"no japanese monk playing an accordian and rubbing a wire brush on his penis while recording his screams is going to make it any where cause he's artistic. he may enjoy it but nobody LIKES it so he's lost all definition of preformance. "-dave



"all i can smell is my as.... i mean.. JOey."-Julia

gather around this pink blanket which is actually a barbie blanket-Teresa
*pulls ear* share things
"goodbye sober julia, maybe i'll see you again tomorrow"-kira
if you shake the cow
and the world moves at the same pace as you
then you artent drunk.-Julia
I WON! ride the BUS!!! is that the name of the game?-Melanie
oh cool
I'm playing a drinkking game
it's called drink more

the rules are keep drinking-Yukes
did you see you have how hot i am?? i'm like a fricken beast of burden-Julia'
who wants to write on my pen-kira
"what the hell is that???it tickles!!"
"It's an icecube with a HANDLE
so you can carry yoiur icecube everywhere"-melanie/Kira
"you really shouldnt be drinking" "oh my god my nipples!"-melanie/me
Teresa your beige towel smells like a fifties diner, with a waiter named Ben who walks like this, with bug eyes-Kira
if i could smoke a strawberry that 'd be distruction of something beautiful-kira
is yolanda scandonavian? because i'd like to be native......i mean ethnic-who DID say this??

ok the stomach isn't feeling very well. if i die....tell everyone i love them except ms webb......she'd probably still be mad that my essay was late.i think i've grown a new vein! it's fucking weird though -melanie

your body is a steel wool pad you're going to be just like your dad....yeti man, yeti man please don't steal my drugs-julia mocking

hardcore punk bassist... NeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeded for our EMo band-mocking by julia








i think my left breast has a sunburn



yes, left


"The only German word i know is Kaplack. But thats Klingon"-Julia

cliche' german homosexual klingons??


"I love the quintet this is a running man. Pee Pee PEEE away for all the turkey hunters. Melanie is smashed, Being me whiskies weeklys wednesdays willies. Bood day, I SAID GOODDAY!?-melly

cutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcut-julia (from "knifin' around" a spaceghose episode... watch it.)

knock on booty

mono est mono

"fuck the gold diggers"

there are things i havent done.. like CRACK



"who wears a sweatervest in the RAIN?" -me

"who wears a SWEATERVEST?"-sarah

"hey nadia... can I lick your box when you're done? yo uknow.. the white cream in the corners?"-not trying to be dirty i SWEAR."

Oh man... i have to get these nipples off! *licks finger and rubs nipples*-me (i drew... nipples..on myself in chalk)

"He was trying to BITE me!" "Well... she was trying to give me NIPPLES."-Julia/Jake

"Man if i wanted to see THIS i'd have a seizure." (tampon disco ad playing) "...So you'll take acid laced with estrogen?"-julia/sarah

"i couldn't HANDLE it, i was going to PEE my PANTS if i stayed! i was laughing and choking on nuts!"-melanie

"the wang where where i end and you begin"-spen


"I am SOOO Glad i went on that walk."-Melly


"You could DO things with that! ""with what?" "the Drums."-Teresa and Kyle Mckenna

"If you have no lettuce... you have no taco."-Mom

"I didnt beleive that such a huge ass could come out of my womb"-Mom

"Did I do that?" "I dont know.... Do you have supersonic eyeballs?"-Me/Mom

"That looks like that power drink ...that gives you Power." -Teresa on green water

"I didnt mean Powerade though. I meant radioactive juice." Teresa (later that day) on water that was green

"Is that a pinhole camera?"  "No Teresa... thats a box."-Teresa/Julia

"Julia just realised that Alice rhymes with Phalice...and its bad."-My mother/Alice

"I feel HOT." "I feel hot
                                            ...as in The Heat."-Julia/Melanie

"Excuse me? its having a little seizure... helloooooooooooooo kitty." -Bret

" Oh look... a fat one. Theres lots of fat ones" -Teresa on the kids outside

"Did her mouth hurt?" Teresa on oral sex hand gestures

i'm having my OWN dance which involves listening to rancid and nodding!! -melanie

i'll take an emo asshole in pint size please, yes, in blue. thank you.-kira on SV

my font looks ethnic -melanie

"Why the hell dont they just call him 'MacDEATH'??"  -Rob Macniesh on Macbeth

"Its not so much crooked as straight." Aaron maclean on his Penis

"Patrick Hunt... I know him and he looks like the least likely person to make microwave nanimo bars." -Sarah going through and old school recipe book

"yes astroboy rocks the casbah"-josh

"she needs to be named maybel." "No.. she needs to be named JOHN."-Julia/Randy on nadia

"You sound like an ewok" "hey, theres nothing ever wrong with ewoks"-Chris Carter/ Ryan Blades

"You could do the whole Tron soundtrack with that thing" -Tristan on a whammy bar

"Rankin, Rankin, Rankin...fricken Rankins everywhere."-Alford on Margrets museum soundtrack

"I thought you'd lost your nipple." "My finger tasted like ass." -julia/melanie

" I heard its like putting your drick in a microwave."-Randy on penis enlargers.

"Kyle Sparks' dog is Lassie... but fat.
  His name is Odi

"..except it isnt about Matrix Reloaded.. its about some big dumb black thing."-melanie.


ryans apartment
colour coding
anything against jane perves
Boathouse monopoly
Tim Funny hand thing.

Rabid Goat
Yak butter

the weird peice o'Fungus

Rowing Game in CN tower

Art class
Band Class

John's hand lotion

andrew and/or DRUNK
Captain Skank
breaking Bio Slides
The laughing game
Candice whispering
Mark and Emily's cats
Andy's cerebral paulsy cat
spoons....with tomato soup *shudder*
Concerts on the hill
Oko yono
verbal doilies
cold water
Kritty the blod
Colleen+ a crimping tool
Melanie the drummer
Reciprocated tickle wars
The Jay Ferguson Baby
Pump it Up and Blues Brothers
Playing Bible Games In The Back Of The Focus!

Uber Boys: (just so you know)
Joey McCarthy
Andy Mcgee
Tom gibson
Ryan Demerchant

JULIA QUOTES c/o melanie
" i want to fall in love ...oh... i'm in a punk band... i'm three foot two.. i wear hurley... suck my weiner.! oh wait.. you CANT because I'm A PUSSY!!!"- julia, about solomon
"send it to me again!i want to have its babies!"-julia, about the dog in pants

Julia: GIGGLY and SQUEELING i'm like... a kickin screaming gucci little piggy!!

"thats SO FUNNY

and you know what I JUST FOUND In my pants?!?

and what must've been in there ALL DAY?

a HUGE cat-hair brush

its SO FUNNY"-julia

"yea... frick, i'd never turn someone down just for haivng a wang
i dont do WANG checks at the door"-julia
"you're a walking advertisement"- Julia
"tappity tap TAPPUm
so, sexual healing, eh?
i'm TIRED!"- julia
"man, you should smell this TURKEY!!!"- Julia
"too many Scott's! GREAT SCOTTS! I'm writing a resume!!"- Julia
"ANUS! hahaha you have HALLOWEEN HAIR!"- Julia
"OH! and guess WHAT?! i'm over BOYS! THANK GOD!
i mean... i'm not an idiot! woop wooooo!"- Julia
"I'm not going to school tommorrow."- melanie
"WHAT?!?!YOU BASTARD!!also: my babysitting kid is STANDING ME UP!"- Julia
"Goooda i don't have to apologize hey, how about.. .CRAMMING IT"- Julia
"i LOVE HIM also... what else?? i know where you live MUAHAHAHHAHahhahhhah"- Julia
"the problem is you NOT pissing your pants with my wearing of the MASK"- Julia
"oh man, you're wearing THAT!? i will be soiling myself multiple times!"- Melanie
"I can't wait to be a mother."_julia
"I can."- Melanie
"Haha I know, I know. HEARTLESS!"- Julia
"man... i'm so ashamed of that movie.. its so bad!! i lOVED IT!"- Julia
"man .... everything electrical is going POSTAL"- Julia
"WHAT?"- Melanie (and she was never answered)
"HAHA.. its all about BARRY!
my mom made me macoroni!!"- Julia
"i want to be able to visit someone on a daily bassist!!
"and the minded has been nevered i ahte that." i no nevered"i grew up in a dover school and had to learn how to be gramatically correct DISPITE the bad talkingness of it all"- Julia
"haha, i think they want you like peanut butter wants milk"- Julia
"and i nursed his bloody nose for an hour"- julia
"picture him as being older...wait... YOU CANT
hes going to DISSOLVE into a FETUS
or perhaps a small japaneese man
you should SEE him with my veitnemiese rice hat on!!" -julia

Well i mean,.... if you've got the urge to herbal


you herbal


and i mean... you could get run over like a small goose by wild coyotes


or... butterflies could fly out of your nostrils


its all a risk

THings to begin any story with: {feel free to add!}

"did i ever tell you i was supposed to be retarted? TRUE STORY!"

" So we were drunk and making bombs...."

The word 'goo'

Things to end ANY Story with:
...and it was funny because the toilet flushed.
....Do you have that in Mpg?
...well, you're sitting in it now.
...aren't you a ray of FUCKING sunshine
....then the cow kicked us and we died.
...i did that to a hampster once. it didn't work.
...and then he fell into the springs and got mangled
...like al capone.
...way to talk, LIME JELL-O!
...and then tiffany went out with Josh Covey
...like a whore in church
.... and my BAnnanas arent ripe!!!
...which is impressive because its a death trap.
...Speaking of which... A Kayak!!!
...who is the assman?
...even copernicus?
...LOOK! A penguin!!!