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These aren't nearly quarter of my songs, but these are the ones that are copywritten... don't rip them off click under the underlined titles to play the song

<<COMING SOON: Anon... and a bucha others because i finally got the computer to work. see y'all eventually! i'll be playing at the pavillion soon
can we forgive ourselves
heaven guard me, can we forgive ourselves?
wake this emotion, liberty
THis exultation bounds me to leave, knowing blessed sorrow will drift in
these imposed restraints of see me through until finally, liberty
Yeilding to nothing, not even my self worth
i cannot express my contempt to ignorances rebirth...

Just a little clip!


i cried myself awake/ with memories of yesterday
i bear the sorrow sheild/ what i miss i cannot feel
i look for comfort in the sky/ i see only desception in your eyes.
why did you pray/ why did our love fade
one of a kind/ the seams that bind.
what i've found i cannot not seewhat i despise is a part of me
loves lost and loves fade/ what i can't see can't fade away
what is your love if you wont give it?
find your love when it flies away find your love
when it is lifted
why did you say, we'd be lifted
why don't we stay, gifted


Silent death of old sight,
breathing at day no whisper of the night
life of love, lost faith dreary dove, singing the lulliby
leading me home.
Emptyiness leave marks unseen, but i can dream
better to have missed and wept than feel nothing
though to the weary eye i look weak, and untried
i have the power to say
i know you love me, and you miss me still, but until heaven
my silence will speak

Distant Shore

a daughter flies to a distant shore, her father is vacant he doesn't know her anymore
he used to beleive those blue eyes, everyday
what a waste of innocence, what the rich will throw away
sha la la la, my child is gone, sha la la la my heart is torn
you go through life, alsmot completely alone, then you find a man you can call your own, then one day he leaves by his wish or yours, what a waste of innocence you should've known when it rains it pours.
Sha la la la, your pain's your own, sha la la la, i can't take this anymore. Gotta find my innocence in this world again, gotta find my way in this world again
finally your life, feels complete. you've found your true love which no one can compete
you found a pair of blue eyes you can believe everday
you found your innocence in the form of a babe
sha la la la, i found my child, sha la la la, all is reconsiled.
i found my innocence in this world again, i found my way in this world again.


Angel Symphony, come play again, because i forget.
Can i find again, can i write again, am i free, am i free
am I for fault sure, or is this forever?
SO show me your kind of me. make me waht n them you see, because all i want to be.
is your kind of me. My demetreus.
Can't find the words to beg, what i can't resonate is life.
will this grain find a way, tell me waht you would say, for safety, to save.
Cursing again, cursing you again.
So show me your kind of me, make me what in them you see.
because all i want to be... is me.
I feel bad for you, let them hurt you, you hurt me too.
true love can never die, so why do i even try to forget?
CAn you hear, me cry?
Can you hear me loving you.

to be myself

so dry, i can't think to be myself
can hide from this consequential weath
whats this about us? i can't wait to be myself.
these poppies grow stained from our faceless brothers grace
if the second came, they'd bleed him til he tamed
when the earth's been bought and sold
hold onto yourself, when the feelings gone can you tell.
when i was young, in its beauty the world was one
i trample your side in allegence to the hive
i am your this culture, i am this beast
i am this coiture, i am nothing
what i am not cannot be what i have sung is a memory
i ma your torture i am the beast
i am nothing, like a tear to the sea
we cannot forget these lives, we have to love our brother
and fight the hive
can't wait to be myself, when the feelings gone can you tell
hold on to yourself, can't wait to be myself


The Boat

Look of silver and touch of gold, your midas touch of gold.
your midas touch has grown cold.
A curse too strong to break the lord was listening when when you said
" all my life all i've cared for was me and i never want to care for you.
I'm on a boat without a sea, this is where love has carried me. death is free and til i die I'll live happily in days gone by"
turn to stone yes, you've tried and tried but she managed to get inside. she was a girl with pretty blue eyes that felt a hole when she sighs.
"all my life all i've cared for was me, and i never meant to care for you.
I'm on a boat without a sea, this is where love has carried me" window open as you fly, tell me how it's gonna be when it all goes by.
Now you miss ehr when she's gone she carries you in her pocket like a pawn, all you want now is to be free, come fly with me... Come fly with me.
I'm on a boat without a sea, this is where love has carried me. Death is free, and til i die, I'll live happily in days gone by.